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The Simple Guide to Moving

Moving is high up on the life stress list which includes things like the loss of a loved one or divorce.  People move for a variety of reasons sometimes the move is by choice but often not, such as new job position, downsizing, or retirement.  Even the reason for the move can be very stressful events.  These are difficult situations and time consuming so here are some simple ways to help ease the stress-provoking process.

  1. Before you actually move, look around your house and see what you would like to take with you.  Just set aside things that you use and love and see what left over, and then go through the uncluttering process.  Don’t move anything you don’t love.  Get rid of old paperwork you don’t need.  Get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear too.  Take only the stuff you absolutely love and use regularly.  Use up frozen food before you leave.  You are going to be surprised at how much stuff you can actually do without.
  2. The average household can be packed up in less than a week.  If you hire movers to do the packing, it can usually be done in one day.  Get an estimate from the movers as to how long they will take.  Set aside one room in the house where packed boxes can be kept out of the way while you are packing up.
  3. Start with collectibles, then the books, linens, clothes, and personal items.  Pack the kitchen last on the morning of the move.
  4. Keep some clothes you will need for a couple of days and an overnight kit with you.
  5. Use large wardrobe boxes for the remainder of your clothes and load them directly from the closet from your old place into the closets in the new place.
  6. When packing books, start with the top shelf of a bookcase and move from left to right all the way down to the bottom shelf. Take a stack from the shelf and put them right into the box in the same order.  Label the boxes from bookcase and by number.  When unpacking, start with box number one and stack the books on the shelves exactly as you packed them in the same order.
  7. Gather basic tools such as hammer, screw driver (flat heat and Phillips), leveling device, pliers (long-nose, slip-joint), tape measure, utility knife, receptacle tester, strong double-sided adhesive tape.  Having these tolls at hand will avoid the hassle of sorting through boxes and waiting around to put things back together.
  8. Set aside cleaning supplies.  You may need to clean before you unpack.  Even with the new place you are moving into is cleaned and ready to live in, have cleaning supplies such as disinfectants, detergent, dishwashing liquid, rubber gloves for cleaning the bathroom, garbage bags, and plenty off rags and paper towels for cleaning.
  9. Pack simple food and drink such as bread, crackers, peanut butter, and bottled water and basic kitchen utensils such as a skillet, a coffee pot, spatula, sharp knife, silverware, dish towels, paper plates, napkins, and glasses.  This should be just enough to help making things more comfortable while you are working on getting the new place put together.

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