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Survival Property for World Collapse

Researching Survival Property for World Collapse

The world has never been so close to a complete financial and social breakdown while leading possibly to World War 3. Powerful billionaires and international bankers are trying to destroy countries and civilization for profit, with no caring for all the lives they are destroying. The newly released hack of George Soros emails show he and his foundation have funded operations to destroy countries, bring in migrants, fund the BLM Black Lives Matter movement, and stirring up unrest all over the world. Government leaders in most western countries have sold out to the bankers and people like this that only care about changing cultures and destroying economies of countries just for their own profit, and to create a world power that they control. Many citizens of the countries are being played like puppets, by groups setup and funded just to incite violence and create distractions, while the people behind the scenes like the bankers and Soros rake in profits and work with corrupt government leaders to make laws that benefit them and destroy the rights of the local citizens.

Most people realize that many of the wars and supposed regime change have only been done for profit. The Middle East has been targeted for oil, gas, lithium, and many other reasons that are mostly profit driven by evil people in power without caring about any lives they are destroying there and around the world. Now as anyone with eyes and a functioning brain can see, the Middle East, most of Europe, and the USA are all in worse shape and getting to be disaster zones due to these policies of corrupt world leaders. Many wonder how they could make such mistakes, but if you take time to think and research you will find they are not mistakes. They have planned this for a reason and profit and not for the benefit and good future of their countries citizens.

Now more than ever it is important to think of you and your family’s future and survival. Those that are financially capable should be looking for secure survival homes in other countries with tropical climate. Many have already done so and not only have a great vacation home, they also have a safe haven to go to for living safe in case of a breakdown in their own country. Many places in Europe have terrorist events daily now and massive civil unrest could be coming soon along with complete financial collapse. With the harsh winters in most of the region, it makes it hard to grow food and live in a survival situation. Imagine a financial collapse in the winter and civil unrest along with terrorism in the region. It would be hard to keep your family save and survive in those situations. We all hope those things don’t happen but as everyone can see the world is moving that way quickly. Now is the time to think about a survival home that is also a vacation home and investment. You cannot lose if you choose wisely no matter what happens in the world. In a tropical area such as South East Asia, you can have a great property in a safe a comfortable area that not only serves as a nice vacation paradise but also for a future investment and a secure survival property where the weather is nice year round and you can grow food all year and water plentiful. There are some perfect properties and locations available in Thailand Real Estate .

Start researching and planning for you and your family’s safety, security and future.

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