Home Safety and Security

Home Safety and Security
An intruder will examine the security of your home’s surroundings before ever considering your possessions inside.  Make your home difficult for thieves to approach.  Take measures to protect your home from criminals; your goal should be safety, security, and peace of mind.  Here are some tips on security options to help protect your home from intruders.


  • Evaluate your home.  Determine all points of entry to your home including windows, doors, and skylights.  If you locked yourself out of the house and have to break in, examine how easy it is for you to get in your house without a key.  Then make sure the real criminal has a hard time gaining entry to your home.
  • Consider a home security system.  If your budget allows, you may want to consider using a security system to help protect your home.  Be sure to post security system warning signs or stickers around your home and doors alerting potential vandals that your place is protected.  Even if you don’t have a system, the thief may not make the effort to find out for sure.
  • Install sensors.  Motion sensors detect physical movement in your house or yard.  When movement is detected, an alarm turns on and police are contacted.  Have your sensors calibrated carefully so that pets and birds won’t trigger the alarm every time they enter your yard.
  • Put in motion lights.  Security lighting that activates when a presence is detected on your property at night make an excellent weapon against foe.  Consider your neighbors and keep the wattage low enough just to scare away potential burglars.
  • Using video monitoring systems.  Video surveillance cameras can either be put in plain sight or hidden.  In plain view, they might frighten off potential thieves, but you run a risk of having your camera disabled by determined intruders.  Hidden camera won’t scare anyone but it will provide the police useful footage in case of a home invasion or break-in.
  • Buy a big dog bowl.  Even if you do not plan to have a dog, buy a really big dog dish and leave it outside where a potential intruder can see.  Dogs are natural crime deterrent.  Burglars know that dogs can hear a foot step and will make a lot of noise; most likely the criminals will move on to another home.
  • Install an electronic dog barking machine.  Electronics stores sell a small device designed to hang on a doorknob inside your home.  If someone attempts to turn the doorknob of your home at 2:00 A.M., the person will hear a recording of a dog barking furiously.


Criminals always look for easy target and most active thieves are pretty good at determining risk—the ones who aren’t are most likely to be in jail.  If approaching your home is difficult, the thief may choose a less risky target.  Don’t make your home “a piece of cake” for intruders.

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